Mr. Toole

By Vivian Neuwirth

Produced by Articulate Theatre Company,

in association with Lagniappe Productions

Due to the unexpected circumstance of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Mr. Toole at 59e59 Theatres had to close before scheduled. Thank you so much to everyone's patronage and support during rehearsals and the run. 


Broadway World: '"John Kennedy Toole has become a literary legend. His one novel has become an American classic that continues to influence modern readers with its insightful wit. Don't miss the chance to see Mr. Toole and be engaged with a story of life and times in the Big Easy." - Marina Kennedy

Theater Pizzaz: "The poem is a metaphor for Toole’s life that is in shambles, filled with anxiety, isolation, unfulfilled desires, longing, not fitting in, and dealing with the question “Do I dare disturb the universe?”" - Sandi Durell

New York Stage Review: "Perhaps Mr. Toole‘s ultimate message is that there is both pain and beauty in inspiration, whether it’s provided by art or by people." - Elysa Gardner