About Me

Tekla Gaughan is a theatre artist living in New York City as a freelance director and producer. Through her experience working in multiple mediums of theatre, Tekla truly believes in the balance of art and business. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Tekla has constantly been surrounded by wonderful supporters and creative artists that have shaped her into the person she is today. In true midwestern fashion, Tekla's golden rule is to always lead with kindness. 

Tekla Gaughan is the Producing Director for Articulate Theatre Company as well as a group sales agent and marketing assistant at BroadwayGPS. Most recently, Tekla was an associate producer for The Day the Sky Turned, a fundraising performance for Australian Bushfire Relief at The Tank. Past projects also include the developmental production of Doctor Frankenstein and Perversity in Articulate's series, Articulating the Arts: The Art of Protest.
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Tekla is a former intern for Commercial Theatre Institute and Scorpio Entertainment. She is an alumna of Cincinnati’s School of Creative & Performing Arts and Kent State University’s School of Theatre and Dance. She is thankful for the ability to speak her mind, her partner and their family.

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Photograph by Emily Hewitt, Curtain Speech for Doctor Frankenstein at West End Theatre

Hiking towards a glacier in Iceland